I was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska. I am an alumni of Dimond High School, which is were my father, mother, and brother all graduated from. After high school I attended St. Cloud State in Minnesota. While there I played for the school’s Lacrosse Club four seasons and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-Medical sciences. After graduation I was accepted into Palmer Chiropractic College where I obtained my Doctorate of Chiropractic. After school my wife and I found our way to Missoula, MT where I practiced for a year. While in Missoula we had our first child Cora Rose Lovdahl. I have been very excited about getting my family back home to Alaska so I could share all it has to offer with them. We stay very active, like most Alaskans, and love the outdoors.

I have been under chiropractic care since the day I was born. For as long as I can remember my family has used chiropractic care as a preventative health measure and as the first stop when something was ailing one of us. We understood that if your body can move well and have an optimum functioning nervous system, health would follow.

My first memory of the power of chiropractic was that of my younger brother Shane. My brother was diagnosed with asthma at the age of two and it was severe enough that my parents were told that they would have to give him steroid injections to treat it. Long story short they wanted a second opinion, and went to our family chiropractor at the time. I remember him being carried into the chiropractor barely able to breathe and then watch him walk out smiling and breathing normal after receiving an adjustment. Since then Shane has managed his asthma with chiropractic care with great results. He played Division 1 hockey for UAA, and is currently playing professional Hockey in the lower 48.

The next time chiropractic made an impact on my life was when I was when I was in the 3rd grade. My brother and I were wrestling and he slammed my head into the corner of the wall with enough force to cut the very top edge of my ear off… Shane won that one. The ear healed great, but for the next month I was getting severe nausea whenever I got out of a car or moving vehicle. I was not be able to eat for hours afterwards because of the discomfort and inability to hold it down. We went to our medical doctor who ran tests, took blood, and did a great thorough job, yet could not come up with any answers for us. Frustrated we went to our chiropractor who found that the top cervical vertebra was out of place. After one adjustment my nausea was gone and I had no problems eating after being in a vehicle, it was great!


As a Chiropractor my goal is to get you started on a path to achieving you optimum health. The first step is to get you moving! Aches and pains should not keep you down, out of work, and should not get in the way of the things you enjoy. We are made to move and when something gets in the way of proper function it can affect not only our basic structure, but our immune system and thoughts making us more susceptible to diseases. By working on your spine and surrounding musculature we can enable you to move your best and thus feel your best.

While you are achieving your body’s optimum movement and function, I coach every one of my patients on basic nutrition and posture so they can heal faster and so they have the tools to sustain what they have gained at my office.